Plastic Sheet Roll

Xtruform sheet rolls are used in the thermoforming industry. They are used frequently for food packaging and industrial applications.

APET & RPET Sheet Roll

Our range of Xtruform products have properties that make them ideal for food and industrial packaging applications.

Food standards compliant
Fully recyclable chlorine free production

Product Applications

Xtruform Films

Form Fill Seal

We currently offer a wide range of thermoforming and Form Fill and Seal sheet Films including RPET APET and PET/PE. Read More

Blister packs

Our films can be used in medical and steile environments including blister packs.

Catering Disposables

Xtruform is widely used for disposables for the Catering Industry, containers for confectionery & pastries convenience packaging. 

Used in

Food production


Catering supplies

  • Deep Drawn Trays
  • Sorting Inlays
  • Pre-formed Food Trays, Medical, Personal Care
  • Blister & Push-Out Sealing Applications
  • Containers & Clam Shells
  • Food Trays & Lids
  • Peel-Off & Resalable Container
  • MAP-Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • CAP-Controlled Atmosphere Packaging
  • Clip-On-Lids
  • Microwave Oven Containers & Trays
  • Peel-Off & Resalable Container
  • Handling & Transit Trays
  • Containers for Confectionery & Pastries
  • Convenience Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging of Various Packaging Parts
  • Printed or Un-Printed
Thickness Range0.180mm – 1.2mm | Tolerance: +/- 5%
Roll Width Range450 – 1200mm | Tolerance +/- 1mm
Roll DiameterUp to 1000mm
Cores76mm (3”) 152mm (6”) Paperboard wall thickness 12mm (option of plastic cores).
PackagingIndividually wrapped in stretch wrap or polyethylene. Stacked on wood pallets and secured with strapping.
WarrantyAll information is given on the basis of general experience and to the best of our knowledge. We cannot assume any liability for factors beyond our control.
Protective MaskingAll standard sheets are protected on two sides with adhesive free protective film.
ModificationsCo-extrusion, anti-block, and colour, anti-fog, anti-static, silicone.
Standard ColoursClear, Colours available on request
TraceabilityAll material are fully traceable from our supplier totally through to the production to the end product.
RecyclabilityPolyester is manufactured with low energy and all inputs are 100% recyclable.
Weather ResistanceNaturally excellent weather resistance, but can be extended with UV treatments.