High Quality, Cost-Effective Extruded Thermoplastic


Xtrupak products are designed to give you a cost-effective solution to your projects, without compromising on quality.

About Us

Xtrupak is a family-owned, Irish company who have been manufacturing and distributing extruded thermoplastic sheeting for the print, packaging, and display markets since 2012.

Our Products

XtruClear, XtruPrint, and XtruForm are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a plastic resin which is chemically constructed by a combination of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Xtruform APET and RPET Films are 100% recyclable.


XtruForm films are manufactured to meet and surpass the high-quality standards of the packaging and extrusion industry. Our products are expertly designed for many types of thermoforming applications.

XtruClear sheets and film have high optical clarity, high transparency and great light transmission properties, both before and after machining. This makes XtruClear suitable for a wide range of challenging applications.

XtruPrint films are a range of high-quality, thermoplastic, amorphous, polyester sheets with excellent transparency and chemical resistance. Our production process allows our clients to surpass their client’s requirements.

Our Team

Our main goal is to meet your needs. With a team of 36 employees that are vastly experienced with PET, we are able to develop premium and innovative products that surpass our customer’s expectations.